Apple iMac Pro 2017, The Classless Work-Station To Arrive In December

Apple iMac Pro 2017

#Apple #iMacPro – Apple iMac Pro 2017, The Classless Work-Station To Arrive In December : The Cupertino tech-giant Apple teased its upcoming revamped desktop computer, the Apple iMac Pro at the recently-concluded 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference, thereby taking the market by a storm.

At the event, it was revealed that the company is going to bring the gadgets to the market by the month of December.

According to Apple, the upcoming desktop computer is a classless workstation that is specifically aimed at professionals with a demanding work environment.

According to a report published by Mac Rumors, as far as the price of the Apple iMac Pro 2017 is concerned, Apple has set it up at $4,999.

However, this doesn’t come across as a surprise as Apple is known to set their products at a premium price tag and given that this is probably amongst the most powerful machines coming from the side of Apple, the high-price was inevitable.

When it comes to design, it appears like the upcoming iMac Pro sports a similar design as that of the standard iMac.

The only difference being the all-flash architecture and the new thermal design with an added support for Intel Zeon processor that clocks up to 18 cores and an over-the-top Radeon Pro Vega graphics card line-up as well.

According to another report published by Mac World, Apple iMac Pro 2017 might pack the 27-inch high-quality 5K display with a support of over 1 billion colors as well.

The system comes with a unique space gray enclosure that allows it to match with other gray colored accessories as well.

Moreover, the system further goes on to pack four different Thunderbolt 3 ports that are powerful enough to drive multiple 5K displays all at once as well.

The system also supports around 4TB of solid state storage tagged with 128GB of ECC RAM as well. Fans will probably have to wait until December or later to get their hands on the system.