Mac Pro vs iMac Pro: Which Workstation is Best for Professionals?

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That said, it will be not a big surprise at all if we see the Mac Pro start at $6,000 with either a ten-core or 12-core Intel Xeon processor. Furthermore, it could also be rocking a dual graphics card setup just like the current Mac Pro model.


Finally, the audience. For the most part, it will be very difficult to market the Mac Pro now that the iMac Pro is soon to arive. Its hardware specs are more than enough even for an advanced Mac user.

The ability to upgrade the iMac Pro to as much as 12-cores per system is sure to find many users in the digital imaging field. Those who work as graphics designers or digital content creators will be able to take advantage of the extra power the iMac Pro has.

That said, the success of the Mac Pro will now be down to a slightly smaller number of professional users. Perhaps in this case, only big design and graphics studios will be able to afford the Mac Pro.

The verdict

At the end of it all, choosing between the iMac Pro and the Mac Pro boils down to three basic criteria: budget, use, and preference. As for budget, one must remember that the Mac Pro does not come with a display; that is the iMac Pro. Furthermore, the Mac Pro will be slightly more expensive than that iMac Pro due to its included hardware. For those who does not want to spend on separate displays, perhaps that iMac Pro is best for you. However, if you have exiting high-resolution screens, you can benefit more on the high-end workstation.

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Next criteria is use. Users should ask themselves where they intend to use the machine. If it is going to more on the scientific side like machine learning and artificial intelligence, the Mac Pro is an obvious choice. However, for image and video editing, the iMac Pro is more than enough to take the challenge.

Finally there’s the preference. Of course, the iMac Pro’s all-in-one design is quite attractive, to say the least. It features a less cluttered design with its wireless keyboard and mouse. On the other hand, the Mac Pro can offer further optimization and customization to users. One can basically choose the peripherals they want to use on their Mac Pro, ranging from a high-end display, keyboard, and mouse. source