‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ Xbox One Update Rolls With Atvs, Painting, Toilets, And More While Ps4 Is Delayed

‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ Xbox One Update Rolls With Atvs, Painting, Toilets, And More While Ps4 Is Delayed

#XboxOne #Gaming – ‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ Xbox One Update Rolls With Atvs, Painting, Toilets, And More While Ps4 Is Delayed : ARK: Survival Evolved players on the Xbox One received a massive update Friday evening. The open-world dinosaur survival game received all of the content from the latest PC patch. Unfortunately, PlayStation 4 owners will have to wait through the weekend for the update.

The Xbox One update 755 is now available for the console, but console owners should expect a lengthy download. The update is a little more than 34GB due to optimizations and restructuring of game data, per ARK: Survival Evolved community manager Jat.

PlayStation 4 Update 509 is now scheduled for Monday, June 12. Studio Wildcard ran into some PS4-specific bugs, which caused the developer to bring the release back in for fixes over the weekend and resubmit the update to Sony.

Console Specific Updates

Studio Wildcard has added the ATV to the console version of ARK: Survival Evolved but it is not available in general play yet. Admins of player-run dedicated servers and those playing single-player will be able to use spawn commands to bring the motorized vehicle into the game world.

Another round of performance enhancements have also been introduced by the development team. The improvements include memory reductions plus texture memory and mesh optimizations.

New ‘ARK’ Dinosaurs

The latest ARK: Survival Evolved update adds a total of five new dinosaurs, one more than the usual four in recent updates. This also wraps up all of the planned creature releases for ARK: Survival Evolved. Studio Wildcard has finally wrapped development on the announced animals, but will continue to add more after still has some structures and other features to be added to the game.


These new creatures may or may not get the chills when someone says “Mufasa,” but they are another set of pack creatures to worry about while exploring ARK: Survival Evolved. They stay together in groups of six and will only attack when they feel they have the advantage.

Taming the Hyaenodon requires donning a Ghillie suit and sneaking up close to one and petting it. This will not work on the alpha of the pack, though, as it is untameable.

Hyaenodon’s cannot be ridden, but they can be equipped with saddlebags that will increase the spoil timer on meat. Additionally, petting a tamed version will give it a buff to damage dealt and better resistance to damage received.


[Image by Studio Wildcard]
This is the goose that lays the golden eggs in ARK: Survival Evolved. The prehistoric bird can be tamed by dragging a fish corpse to it.

The main benefit of the tamed Hesperonis is feeding it live fish. Once it has consumed enough, it will lay an egg on land that has a chance to be a golden egg. This gives a 500 percent experience buff to non-rideable, tamed creatures and a 10 percent buff to all other tamed creatures and humans.


[Image by Studio Wildcard]

This giant mammal loves insects. So much so that it moves faster when insects are nearby and will extract more chitin than normal when it kills them.