Jfk Visited Area 51, Saw Debris From Crashed Roswell Ufo, ‘Unacknowledged’ Documentary Claims

Jfk Visited Area 51

#UFO #Area51 – Jfk Visited Area 51, Saw Debris From Crashed Roswell Ufo, ‘Unacknowledged’ Documentary Claims : A new documentary purports to show President John Kennedy’s “former pilot” saying that the former president had hinted to him that he was aware of the evidence that alien UFOs were visiting Earth.

President Kennedy’s alleged former pilot made the disclosure in the documentary Unacknowledged, which claims to expose decades of U.S. government cover-up of vital evidence that the Earth is being visited by aliens in UFOs. According to the documentary, JFK saw the alien UFO that crashed at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. He allegedly saw the debris during a visit to a top-secret United States Air Force (USAF) base.

The new film, directed by Michael Mazzola, features Dr. Steven Greer, a UFO investigator, conspiracy theorist, and disclosure advocate, presenting alleged evidence of alien UFO visitations to Earth and government conspiracy to hide the evidence from citizens, according to the Inquisitr. The documentary also features an alleged former pilot for JFK making the claim that the former president once told him that government has evidence of UFOs and ET phenomena. The former president allegedly saw physical evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life when he visited a secret USAF base where the U.S. government was secretly storing the debris from a UFO spacecraft that allegedly crashed in July of 1947, at a spot near Roswell, New Mexico.

The unidentified man said he once had a conversation with JFK about a newspaper article that discussed UFO phenomena. He said JFK asked for his opinion about extraterrestrials (ETs) and UFOs, but when he threw the unexpected question back to the president, he responded, “I asked you first.”

He told JFK that he did not think that humans were the only intelligent life in the universe. The president, according to the “former pilot,” then admitted that he was aware of evidence of aliens and UFOs.

“You’re right young man,” the man claimed JFK said, “there is considerable knowledge as far as the being of UFOs and the ET phenomenon that we are aware of today.”

According to Greer, CIA documents reveal that JFK visited a secret USAF airbase where he saw the remains of the alien UFO spacecraft that allegedly crashed at Roswell, New Mexico, in July of 1947. He purportedly shared the highly classified information with the actress Marilyn Monroe who later threatened to reveal it to the world. Monroe allegedly made the threat because she was upset after JFK and his brother, Robert, ended their relationship with her.

According Greer, information obtained from a secret CIA memo created two days before Monroe was found dead, supposedly from a drug overdose, in her Brentwood, Los Angeles home, on August 5, 1962, showed that the CIA was aware of the alleged affair between Monroe and JFK and had been secretly monitoring Monroe’s phone calls due to fears that she could leak classified information she obtained accidentally from Kennedy.