Steven Greer: Hillary Clinton Is Aware Aliens Exist And Would Likely Have Championed Disclosure As President

Hillary Clinton Is Aware Aliens Exist

#Alien #HillaryClinton – Steven Greer: Hillary Clinton Is Aware Aliens Exist And Would Likely Have Championed Disclosure As President : Dr. Steven Greer, a prominent UFO researcher and ET conspiracy theorist, has reportedly said that Hillary Clinton knows that aliens exist and would likely have tried to reveal the truth about alleged alien UFO visitations to Earth if she had won the 2016 general election.

Greer, the man behind the new UFO disclosure documentary Unacknowledged, which debuted on multiple digital platforms on May 9 and rose quickly to the digital documentary top spot, according to the Hollywood Reporter, is a prominent member of the UFO disclosure movement.

Members of the disclosure movement have been working in recent years to force world governments to lift an alleged decades-old “truth embargo” on information about UFOs and aliens visiting Earth.

“There’s no question in my mind that Hillary Clinton is aware of the issue [of aliens and UFOs],” Greer said, according to the Hollywood Reporter. “Her campaign chairperson John Podesta came out in favor of disclosure and said that the government should come forward with this information. And he remained a disclosure advocate all the way through the campaign.”

Greer’s belief, according to the Express, that Hillary Clinton and some top government officials know about ET visitors and that she would likely have revealed classified information about UFOs and aliens visiting Earth if she had become the president reflects concerns among members of the UFO disclosure movement that Clinton’s unexpected loss at the 2016 general election dealt a big blow to their hopes of imminent UFO disclosure.

Members of the UFO disclosure movement felt disappointed when Clinton lost the general election because they believed that Donald Trump’s election victory represented a major setback to their campaign to force governments to lift the alleged “truth embargo” on information about aliens visiting Earth. Many disclosure advocates pointed out that Trump never showed an interest or talked about UFO and ET matters during his campaign.

Hillary Clinton, for her part, made the issue of UFO and ET disclosure a subject of her campaign under the influence of her campaign manager John Podesta, who is known in UFO and ET disclosure circles as a disclosure advocate.

Hillary Clinton first broached the subject of alien and UFO disclosure in December of 2015, during her presidential campaign. In an interview with the Conway Daily Sun, Clinton promised that if she was elected president of the United States, she would support ongoing efforts by members of the UFO disclosure movement to “get to the bottom” of what the U.S. government knows about alien UFOs allegedly visiting Earth.

She told the Conway Daily Sun that she believed aliens in UFOs might have visited the Earth in the past. Clinton said that as president, she would set up a task force to investigate Area 51, the infamous secret USAF base where UFO enthusiasts claim that the U.S. government maintains storage facilities for alien UFOs recovered from crash sites, such as the site near Roswell, New Mexico, where an extraterrestrial spacecraft allegedly crashed in July of 1947.

“I think we may have been (visited already). We don’t know for sure.”